A Bit of an Overachiever...

If this is any indication, Bryant may be a little bit of an overachiever.  We came in from the gym yesterday and I placed Bryant in the swing while I unpacked and got them settled in to finish eating lunch.  He was quite a bit fussy because it was time for him to eat.  Zoe was trying to soothe him and then she ran in the kitchen and announced that he had two white little bumps on the bottom of his gum.  I told her that was impossible.  So, when I got everyone settled, we checked it out together.  Sure enough, Bryant has two teeth that have come through!  I'm not saying there are little teeth buds...these are full fledged teeth!  That explains his grumpiness this past week.

To be sure, I called the doctor's office to make sure that teeth this early could actually happen and they reassured me that it could.

So, let's see...teeth at 2 months.  He should be rolling at 3, sitting up at 4 and walking by 5...and saying complete sentences by 6.  Sure...why not???  I'll expect his first doctoral dissertation on my desk by 3 years.

Either way, we are really impressed with how well he handled teething so early.  Not sleeping well during the day but still only waking up once during the night.

And please note that before Bry, the earliest any of our children have teethed was 4 1/2 months (both Ace and Ceili Rain).  I even searched online to see if there were other babies who got teeth this early.  I saw that it could happen but was very rare.

I can now truly say he's teething when he's a bit fussy :)

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