Labor Day Essentials #3

In preparing for the hospital....I always make sure the kids have some special treat bags.  We like for our kids to be the first ones to meet the new baby, so that means they are usually at the hospital most of labor day (since I've been induced with all our babies so far...yes, we're still hoping to break that tradition).  So, ahead of time we always make up some labor bags for each child.  In them, we include a few snacks, small "quiet" toys, and games and of course, crayons and coloring books.  And we also include sibling shirts to be put on before they come in to meet their new sibling.

Typically, I'll draw or design something in a publishing program and then print it out on transfers and have the kids wear them.  But, if you know anything about printable transfers, they don't last.  So, this year, we invested in some shirts that they can wear until they outgrow the size.

So, on labor day, the girls will be sporting nifty tees with this on the front:
And their name and age order on the back like this:

And the boys will be dressed in this:
With their age order and name on the back like this:
Do I need to explain that I used a spin off of our blog banner which represents the boys as bees and the ladybugs as the girls?  Yes, I know I need to update our blog button and banner with Bryant...but I just wanted to be sure everyone noticed that.

And yes, Bryant has a onesie he'll be tricked out in with this:
on the front and this:
on the back.

I've been thoroughly impressed with the quality of the shirts as well as the price.  They were a little more than regular because I did a design on the front and back.  We'll see how they hold up after the first wash and drive thru McDonald's meal!  I got Zoe, Ace, and Liam's shirts from K2Teamworks.  They were super fast on printing and shipping but they didn't carry toddler size shirts nor onesies (not that I saw anyway) I had to go to Inktastic to get a shirt that wouldn't swallow Ceili Rain whole and a onesie for Bryant.  And these shirts cost a little bit more than the ones at K2Teamworks. 


  1. Love the shirts! They are precious :) Love to you all, Aunt Yaya

  2. Great idea! Love how this includes everyone in an exciting event!

  3. Thanks Tracey and Yaya. We love to make sure the kids are ready to greet their new sibling with each one. They are as much a part of the celebration as we are!