Happy Birthday Mark!

For a few months it will now appear that Mark is only a year younger than me!  We celebrated his 31st birthday this past weekend!  And while I'm getting bigger by the milosecond and several people have commented with "Any day now, huh?"  I believe we still made the day special!

Opening gifts on a surprisingly not humid day!  We loved the weather this past weekend.

Mark got a nice Apollo commemorative patch from his mom.  It's beautiful and I think he was definitely surprised and in awe!

He requested a Snickers Cake (my recipe from a hodge podge of recipes).  Ceili Rain saw chocolate and was thrilled (what can I say...she's my kid).

Singing "Happy Birthday!"

Waiting, ever so patiently for the cake.  I did not put 31 candles on the cake for fear that the awesome chocolate frosting would be covered in wax.  However, I did do a 3 and 1 digit to represent 31 candles!
Yes, I know the candles were a bit off center.  Just sing praises that I actually made a from scratch cake and remembered the candles!

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