How Does Your Garden Grow...Results

What we have here is our first tomato!  Which Zoe promptly washed and ate.  Raw.  This kid will eat tomatoes like candy.  She loves them.  And these tomatoes are Sweet 100's (I think) and they are definitely sweet.  After this one we have been getting a ton of little red tomatoes and now the big red ones are coming in.

Sadly, our squash only produced about three or four pieces before Mark accidentally broke off a large stalk and then the 100 plus temperatures took the rest of it.

However, Mark has planted a sweet banana pepper, two potatoes from our Science "experiment,"  and an herb plant for me.  And, honestly, I have not been out to check how they're doing.  It's hot people!  And I'm well past noticeably pregnant!  For now, the gardening is being left to Zoe and Mark.  I think they're doing a fine job by the evidence of what is coming in every few days.


  1. I plant cherry tomatoes--this year huge grape tomatoes--that are there simply for the boys to pick and eat whenever they are red! And they do!!! At my in-laws farm market Luke used to pick up a tomato and eat it like an apple!!! Cukes and pickles too:)
    Sorry your squash didn't turn out. Ours got a bug last year and we lost them but this year they have been fabulous!! We now have 2 watermelon and 6 more little ones. I think the only things we lost this year were our corn, the rhubarb and all the peaches dropped from the tree before ripening. We still don't know why. I miss all the canning I did in NY but my beans don't grow well here and this year I have no corn to put up like last year. Gardens are the bomb!!!

  2. I would love to have a garden. Must be exciting. (smiles).

    Looking forward to reading about your newest treasure when he arrives!

    I am your newest follower.

    Mrs. White (from MamaBuzz)

  3. Thanks for adding me, Mrs. White! We are looking forward to our new one coming too.

    This is our first year for a garden and so far it's going good. With the coming of the heat and humidity of summer, I am not out there with it much but Mark and our oldest, Zoe have taken good care of it. They come in daily with little tomatoes and sometimes big ones! We're starting small and hoping to add to it next year.