Happy 3rd Birthday Josiah!

So Josiah turned 3 this week.  He was excited about it...well, no he wasn't, um, maybe he was.  I don't know for sure.  He kind of wavered back and forth in his excitement throughout the day.  Anytime any of us said, "Happy Birthday!" he'd frown or grunt or hide his face.  Finally, after a second phone call (that did not include singing, "Happy Birthday") he relented and smiled while hiding his face.  He insisted all day that we not sing "The Birthday Song" to him and then while at my ultrasound appointment, he starts singing at the top of his lungs, "Happy birfday to you!  Happy birfday to you!" 

Upon his request, we did not invite anyone to his party.  He would have wanted Jack and "Waura" (Laura) there but a nine hour drive to attend a two hour birthday party just didn't seem feasible right now.  So, since he is only three and it is his birthday, we didn't push it.  We did, however, party "where a kid can be a kid."  And, although it was quite noisy, we had a very good time.

This is Josiah's favorite "game" to play at Chuck E. Cheese's.  He'll do it over and over and over until we tell him he has to share it with other kids who are waiting to play.  We even ate right beside it.  Unfortunately, it was out of order.  Have no fear...there was a Barney (yuk) train to ride close by and he spent many a token on that thing (and even shared with Ceili Rain).

Very serious about opening presents...

I found a Thomas laptop at consignment for under $7.  He was intrigued to say the least.

So were his siblings.

Grandmere and Papa came through with a beautiful book that has all the original Thomas stories (and artwork) from the Rev. Awdry.  I was pumped!  Josiah was pretty excited too.  He slept with it and looked at it all morning the next day.

Opening Uncle B and Aunt B and fam's gift!

We love books!

His cake request was, "A Thomas cake with twacks.  And Purcy (Percy) and James."  So, I went to ebay and found an edible image with all of his requests.

Unfortunately, the edible image was not super quality or the icing was not wet enough and it did not stick all the way to the icing.  So, when we put the foil on top to transport it, the foil stuck the edible image and James's head got mushed up.  At least Thomas was still intact.

I know it doesn't look like it, but he did give him a high five without apprehension!  He was excited about seeing Chuck E.

*The Smile:  Yep, he's still at that funky smile stage.  I think it's cute that he looks like a little chipmunk when he fake smiles.  Not that he wasn't happy in those pictures...just very, very focused.

Happy Birthday to my littlest (so far) man!  We are so thrilled that God gave us Josiah.  He continues to be a joy each and every day.

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