Singing and Playing In the Rain...

Spring and summertime around here means some rain and mostly thundershowers.  So it's few and far between that we have a warm rain where the kids can go out and play...and having been an avid rain-player as a kid, I throw encourage them to get out and enjoy the fun wetness that God provides (since it's free and all).  Ceili Rain really got into it this time.  She seemed oblivious to the rain splashing on her face and thoroughly enjoyed riding her "horsey" in the downpour.

Mud.  That seems to be Josiah's most favorite thing these days.  Piling mud up in buckets and dumping it out.  Yep...that's fun for a boy.

Ace enjoyed gathering in the mud too.  Liam and Zoe played but didn't have as much fun as these three seemed to be having.

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