I usually put a lot about what's up with Liam...but this here's for Ace.

After Mark introduced the kids to Family Mint.  They calculated how much they had in their "account" and decided to go get groceries with me.  We spent about 30 minutes in the toy department (and about 5 in the actual grocery department) as they looked through/picked out/redecided on what they wanted.  Ace settled on a nice set of action figures that were very reasonably priced.  They were military style which was pretty neat and had a lot of gadgets with them.  Varying ones with different activities to do and he picked a set of just two figures and then a special figure that did something neat.  This was despite his ability to purchase sets that included more stuff and other fun things.  I couldn't figure out why he got the two action figure set until we were checking out.  He looked at me and said, "Mommma, I got these two for my brothers."  And he did.  It touched my heart to see him share his money with his brothers.  They were thrilled to say the least.

During family worship at home on Sunday night, Ace was reading the verses Mark had given him and he continued reading past his designated stopping point.  We politely pointed it out and he said, "I like reading.  Especially the Bible."  (Can you see how big my heart is swelling up???)

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