The Not So Good News

I did fail the one hour glucose test.  So a few weeks ago, I started checking my sugar levels twice a day.  Today, I got to go see Dr. J and go over my numbers.  I thought they looked great...especially my after meal numbers.  The problem was with the numbers after fasting all night.  Those were borderline high.  Because of that, and because my diet really is pretty good (minus the icees), Dr. J opted to put me on a medicine at night.  Here's the mystery to me though.  A couple of nights ago, I had ice cream and red velvet cake (not a slap of healthy in sight) and my numbers in the morning were the lowest they've been.  I've noticed that when I eat ice cream at night my numbers tend to be I on to something here that could be beneficial for pregnant ladies everywhere???  I think doctors should order a study to see if ice cream at night helps lower blood sugar in the morning...I'll be the first to volunteer.

And now some lighter news...
Mark met me at the doctor's office to entertain the kids while I was waiting on and seeing Dr. J.  There's a great little playground between the office and hospital so they were thrilled to be there.  Aside from Ace suffering a traumatic fall which seemed to only hurt when he spied what he thought might be blood on his was a good time.  Mark relayed the following story to me...

Liam was hanging on a piece of equipment and two moms had come in with their kids.  Mark eavesdropped on their conversation with Liam.

Mom:  Are you a monkey?

Liam:  Yes ma'am.  My mommy says I am.  She tells me "Monkey, monkey!  Who's my monkey?"

I need to be really careful what I teach them!  But that is our special song and it's fun to share it with him...usually he's swinging (I mean swinging) from my arm when we sing it.

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