This is Mark with his grandmom.  We call her Mama Maude and she's pretty special to both Mark and I.  Special, not only because she's the only living grandmom we both have.  But special to me because while in college, I worked in her town as youth/children director.  I got to see and spend a lot of time with and near her. 

She's a remarkable woman too.  After her husband passed away, when her children were young, she worked as a hair dresser and was able to raise up two wonderful children.  And because of her hard work...Mark is here now!

Mama Maude's had a tough year this year.  We've enjoyed seeing her and she enjoys, I think, all the little ones that run around.  We cherish each visit we get with her.  It's not only a chance for us to love on her but also a chance for our children to meet someone truly special...who has lived an amazing life. 

When Mark and I were engaged, we narrowed our wedding date down to two days.  One in May and then one in December.  When Mama Maude asked us about the date, we mentioned the two dates.  She smiled, nostalgia like, and said, "Oh May 20th is my anniversary."  That was it.  Our date was set!  Not only was that her anniversary but our date would have been her 50th Anniversary (if my memory serves me correctly).

I'm so grateful that we are able to share our anniversary with two special people in Mark's life.  We are reminded of the commitment we have made and the commitment that was made so many years ago to serve God and each other.

This was an impromptu photo shoot with Mama Maude, thus the missing children.

Mark did manage to round up our bunch to make sure they each got a picture before she had to leave though.

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