How Does Your Garden Grow...

Like we don't have enough to do...I finally decided this year was the year we would start learning to garden.  However, we decided not to go it alone.  While Mark and I ventured out on our Babymoon, we enlisted the help of a very generous Papa. 

But, before we left, there was some hard labor to do...
and Mark was recruited for the job.  Now, our goal was not to create this elaborate garden.  Just a small garden that we can "cut our teeth on." 

Ace was a big help and enjoyed working with Papa and Daddy.

Actually, all the kids got in to it.  Here they are digging into an impromptu compost pile and getting some good soil!

Papa not only showed them how to get the garden started but also taught them about life using object lessons from the garden.

This is built outside of our very small back yard, so we wanted a fence around it to keep neighbor cats and critters out of.

The kids have been very diligent in their watch care over the garden.  When weeds just started peeping out, I was ordered told that we needed to weed.  Out we went, and Zoe and Ace went to work.  No bending from me was needed.

And their hard work is paying off.  This isn't a recent picture of the garden but one from two to three weeks ago.  As of now, we have about 20 squash buds and two to three already forming squash.  The tomato plants (we have about three) are yielding about 10 little green tomatoes.  The kids are super excited to see the plants grow each day we go out to water.  This has been a great starter.  I've still got to run to the hardware store and pick up a few herb plants to add to it.   Stay tuned to see how our garden grows!

By the way, if you know anything about me, you know that I am not a gardener!  This is a big accomplishment for me and I'm hoping to continue on in our efforts.


  1. Great job! How are you keeping the bugs away?

  2. Thanks Chrissy! We actually have not had any bugs right now. We have two marigolds planted...which I think is helping some. I saw some ladybugs on the plants the other day and they eat aphids so that's helping. If we do spot some holey leaves, I'll see what I can find that is as close to organic as possible to work...I'd rather use that than chemicals...but if we have to use chemicals I'll do it.