He's another one of our handsome bunch!  The first thing most people notice about him are his blue eyes which can go from mischievous to puppy dog in 0.2 seconds.  This little guy (and I do mean little...he and Josiah are near the same size), is all about being a boy.

If he can touch it and tinker with it, he's as happy as a clam.  He's very passionate about whatever he does (whether it's right or wrong).  He's fully of energy and can bound and jump and run and play all day long (and I do mean all day long).  Give him anything physical to do (bike riding, sword fighting, piling on daddy) and he's all about it.  And again, he goes at it with a passion.

I always say he's either going to be our preacher or our politican.  He loves to debate, prove his point and argue (even with mom and dad).  He also loves to sing about God and worship Him.  Did I mention he is a pretty passionate fella? 

His goal, in any place, even if he's been there 1000 times is to explore and see what's going on and attack with gusto!

And when he's doing something he loves, it's really hard to get his attention.  Really hard.

He can steal your heart with one look and then wrestle you to the ground!  That's our Liam!

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