Ace Man

When he was a toddler, he would tell people that his name was "AceMan not Ace."  

In some respects, he's a typical first born boy.  He's pretty responsible.  Loves to follow directions (most of the time) and can share with his brothers...but then there are some days...

I guess, if you want to call it that...he's our strong willed child.  He loves to do things his way and he hates to change from one thing to another if he's not done with the first thing.  

He is also our cuddler and resident baby lover (although he and Josiah compete for the baby-lover title).  He wants to always be holding your hand, or sitting in your lap, or right up next to you.  A challenge for my non-physical self.  You haven't been hugged until you get one from the Ace Man!

He loves to be silly and make others laugh but that's rare that he'll share that with others...he's our most shy and most quiet around strangers.

But, when he gets to know out.

Grandmere and Papa (as well as me), think he's a little Mark.  He not only looks just like Mark at his age, but he has a lot of the same mannerisms and attitudes (so says Grandmere and Papa...and Uncle B).

If you have a knight, Narnian, or legos...he's your instant friend!  Oh...and books...but it has to be a boy book...none of this "Little House" girly stuff.  Give him swords and chivalry and he's all about it!

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