She's the oldest!  The true Mama In Training (what we call MIT).  She loves to please Mark and I do her best at anything.  She HATES not being able to get something on the first try (just ask her piano teacher). 

She's mostly quiet, but when she does talk...she most certainly has something to tell you.

She adores her little sister but does not enjoy getting her dressed in the morning.  I think each day, she's seeing how much fun it is to have a little sister.  Yes, they are "buddies" and she takes that job as seriously as a seven year old can.

And she loves arts and crafts.  Mark would say she's just like me and she does seem to enjoy the crafty side of life.  She loves her parental one on one time and I think as she gets older she treasures it even more.

I love watching her grow in Christ.  She is not only my daughter but my sister as well.  She can ask the best questions during family worship from a maturity that I only wish I had as a fairly new Christian.  She can also make some pretty awesome points and draw out some amazing examples to what we are studying. 

She can be a bit sassy (see the picture above) and she's very good at telling her brothers what to do.  Almost too good.

Mark and I are so blessed to have her as our first born.  I can't wait to see how God shapes and molds her as she grows to be a young woman!

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