Josiah or 'Siah

Josiah is a "mama's boy."  And I say that with the most sincere form of love.  He's always been right by my side if he could.  He's also hit this crazy cheesy smile phase that almost all of our kids go through...see above!

Give him a train and he'll be happy as can be.  And he can point out steam engines from deisels ( they are all mostly diesels but still...give the kid some credit).  He's into talking so much now that he has to tell us about everything....I mean everything.  And he'll talk to you like he's a little adult filling you in on the most minute details.

He's also our most observant...we're usually having to stop and wait for him to catch up when we're out because he's spotted something on the pavement, or grass, or in the sky, that he needs to watch and see what it is.

And he loves his baby sister more than anything in the world.  Kisses and hugs heaped on her are a daily routine from this big bro.  I don't think he's too sure about Baby Bryant though.

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