Ceili Rain (CeiRai)

Our second little princess....adored by brothers and sister alike...most would think she's a little "spoiled."  However, if by "spoiled" you mean that she was left out like food and forgotten...she's far from that.

She's our bruiser and most fearful of all.

She's our "little surprise"  that has turned into a wonderful blessing and makes me enjoy God's surprises better than my "best laid plans."

She loves her Raffe the Giraffe and drags him all over the house (we have to wash him at least twice a week).

She loves food...hasn't met any that she doesn't like to eat.

And she's our most interesting with her first words being "Uh oh" and "Hello."

And smiles...she loves to get them as much as she loves to give them.

Our only prayer is that she learns to walk before Baby Bryant arrives!

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