Bryant, BJ or Bry

Little BJ, by far the youngest of the bunch...since he's still about negative 10 weeks old.  He's a strong little boy...from making it through some unsure times (me being diagnosed with low progesterone...him sharing space with a blood clot for a few weeks) showing off his kicking ability starting at around 16 weeks.  I have not doubt he's going to be a strong little one from the moment we meet him.  All I can say about his personality is that he's full force go at it gusto most of the day and sleeps pretty well at night (unless I wake up or move...then all bets are off for a few minutes).  He's already treasured and loved and adored by his brothers and sisters (well, at least the one sister who knows what's going on).

We are getting excited, as each day draws us nearer to meeting our newest member.  He is, like all our children, a sweet blessing from God. 

*Photography by Kimberly S. Busby Photography...she did some creative editing on this one...and it looks great!*

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