Happy 1st Birthday Ceili Rain!

Yep, I realize that she has been one for over a month now.  Yep, there are a ton of pictures on this post.  Yep, there are two little girls who look the same age celebrating a birthday.  It's one of my best friend's daughters...this is the one you've seen throughout the blog and we both have told them that they are BFF's so not to fight it...since they are four days apart and we're not sure where we'll be if/when they move back here (they are being transferred out to another state...army)...we decided to be cheesy and celebrate their birthdays together.

So, less talk...more pictures:

She's not sucking on her thumb...I think she's chewing on her fingers here.

Meg Meg had a fever this day so the thrill was not so much there as it usually is.

We got "the girls" these little crawling dolls that Ceili Rain has enjoyed watching, in store, for quite some time.  They crawl and make baby noises...and, in the store, they don't have an off button that can be reached.  Yeah, I walked through Wal-Mart with two plastic babies googoo and gagaing in my shopping cart.  I am not ashamed.

Bags are as much fun as boxes.

Cake Time...and a rush to get it out before Megan just completely lost it.  You can tell Ceili Rain's just anticipating somethin' good.

I made the cakes.  From scratch.  First time to do that.  It was a yellow cake with strawberry filling (first time to do a filling) and cream cheese icing.  And yes, it was very tasty.  I can not find my yellow cake recipe but I know there's a link at this place...somewhere.  And the strawberry filling is so easy you'd freak out...it is from a search on Recipezaar.  The decorations are a la a quick JoAnn's search and edible images (not that healthy but just too cute).

Our little "twins"
I made cupcakes with the same yellow cake batter and then put a little dab of the strawberry filling in each (baked).  Then topped some with cream cheese icing and some with chocolate icing.  I think we all enjoyed that.

Megan's big brother James enjoying some cupcakes with his daddy!
Still going at it!

Sugar overload???

Time to get cleaned up!
Sick Megan all clean and ready to rest!
Much cleaner!

Uncle Kevin reading to the boys...
And putting one little tired  Super Wy to sleep.  Yes, that is Liam picking his nose.  I'm so proud.

And in case you're wondering about Ceili Rain's tongue sticking out...
It runs in the family.

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