Curls??? Seriously???

So, I've been pregnant, well at the end of this pregnancy, a total of 56 months (counting our miscarriage).  And never have I gotten what I have now.
Look closely, my dear friends and you will not see the straight fluffy thick hair that has once graced my's been exchanged for some curls and LOTS of waves!  And none of that has been chemically altered (okay, the color has but not the waves and curls).

Yep, you can say I'm pretty pumped to be sporting my new lively volume lifting do.  See, I have a sister who has the funnest spiralest springy curls...and she and her husband passed those on to my beautiful niece and nephew as well.  I've always envied her cute set of  curls.

When I was in seventh grade and she was in ninth, we went to have our hair permed (the thing to do in the late eightie/early nineties).  I had visions of sweet spirals abounding from my head.  But alas, all I got was a little bit of wave that fell out.  Not too far after that, my Nana, got another perm for me (having been her who allowed me/paid for my first perm).  Again, not much result except a little bit of burnt hair that had to be cut shoulder length and turned out to be a nice do for me.  But my sister, with her delicate fine hair...had curls abounding and, at that time, the "big hair" that every girl tried to achieve with as much Aqua Net as they could talk their mother into purchasing.  While walking into the bathroom when she was fixing her hair might have required a chemical was still pretty cool that she had the "in" hair...while I dealt with the dull straight hair.

Do you need a tissue for my sad tale???  I hold no grudges against my sibling and love her hair...she still gets those bouncy curls, although she straightens them more often than not now (or did last time I saw)...but she has options to what she can do with her hair.  My options were...pull up, put down, and occasionally, flip out, flip under.

But now, dear readers who can't believe I've written this much on the thickness of my head hair, now, I'm in the game...I've got options too!  Or I will, if I can figure out how to style/tame this mop on my head!  I noticed spirals popping up near my ears a few weeks ago...and then noticed that there was no way I could get my hair to just dry straight.  And when I didn't put anything at all on my hair, well, that led to a bigger than life eighties hair do that is not in style right now.  So...trusty Facebook to the rescue, I left a comment on my status that I needed advice on curl boosting products and several friends gave me tips on what to try with my hair.  I honestly didn't think any curl boosting products would work.

But they did!

And while there is a fine line between wavy and out of control to some bouncy curls and lots of wave...I'm getting the hang of this new do and hope it sticks around after Mr. Bryant makes his debut!

And to prove that my hair is was straight and really's a picture from February:
So the poof and wave were starting but not quite there yet!

The only thing I'm worried about is that my mom said she got wavy/curly hair when she was pregnant with me.  Is that a sign of things to come with dear Bryant?  I guess we'll just have to wait and see!

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