Babymoon and Food...

Mark and I indulged the two and half days were gone...and it all started with the box of Godiva choocolates and sparkling cider that we had as part of our babymoon package.  Mmmm!

Sunday night, we used our gift certificate to Mercato's.  A short walk and we arrived at a beautifully decorated Italian restaurant.  The food was pretty good and the prices were great (since we didn't have to pay for our meal).  As a salad, I got a Caprese Salad.  I wasn't sure what that was but was interested in trying the house made mozzarella...which turned out not to have too much flavor to it at all.

But the lasagna was yummy!  See???

 Because we had a gift certificate, Mark bought the most expensive thing on the menu...and he loved it as well...the face says it all (I caught him mid chew).  We had even more money left over on our certificate, so Mark ordered tiramasu (which tasted like coffee and I promptly spit out) to take back to the hotel.

 But we did stop at the candy shop next door so I could get a bear claw (yep...I am brave enough to show a picture of me propping up the candy on Bryant).
Saturday, we grabbed a quick bite before heading to the spa for my manicure and pedicure (trust me...Mark did not want to nor did he participate in any spa experience...his manhood is secure).  We had been perusing Market Street and so ran into a neat little pizzeria called Di Giovanni's.  For eight bucks, we both got a pizza "the size of your head!"  And were treated to real old-fashioned New York (or New Jersey...not sure which) accents and attitudes!  Really, the owner was very gracious and super friendly.  And the pizza was extremely yummy...especially for the price!
Upon a recommendation from a friend, we opted for Poogan's Porch for supper.  It was within walking distance from our hotel and sounded super yummy.  We ate on the back porch because the weather was unbelievable and the smell on the front porch was hideous.  Another couple was out there and they had eaten there many times and told us what was yummy and how much they loved to eat there.  The food was super fast in coming out and really good...and the biscuits were AWESOME (See my half eaten biscuit above for proof).  Oh, and the restaurant was named Poogan's Porch after a dog...I guess he hung out on the porch a lot.

You can't go to Charleston without getting Shrimp & Grits...Mark really enjoyed it too!  I passed on the seafood and got...
the buttermilk chicken which was Yuuuu-mmmmy!

And lastly...I've now decided a stop in Charleston (or Columbia for that matter) will never be complete without getting one of these
from Cupcake.  Let me just say that they were extremely delicious and this place is centrally located for some serious people watching! (Isn't it cute how our cupcakes "match" but aren't the same...kinda like us...awwww).

Are you hungry yet???

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