Fourteen Years Ago...

Fourteen years ago today, I was nervously looking out my front door awaiting my prom date...which happened to be my first date with Mark. I feel like it was yesterday (and a few kids ago) when I saw him walking up to my door in his tux and with a dozen flowers.  I was so nervous and when I saw him I got even more nervous.  He was unbelievably handsome.  I had wanted to date him for several months but he thought I was weird until about a month before prom.  I think it was mostly because I stopped pursuing him and allowed him to pursue me...if he wanted.  I was not sure what to expect out of a date I had waited for for so long. 

Anyway, I knew after that night, that I would marry him.  He was a wonderful gentleman.  Not many juniors in high school would want to go on a first date to a prom AND with all of her crazy friends to eat.  He managed though and's been fourteen years since our first date. 

I love him more every day! (I would put a picture of our first date up here but have no clue where the pictures are...ugh).

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