We're dealing with another bout of illnesses right now so I'd thought I'd share some words of wisdom from our little 4 year old that I've been saving up.  Prepare to laugh...okay, at least giggle a little or chuckle to yourself.  Or just maybe snicker.

Me:  Liam, thank you so much for being obedient and listening and being a helper when Daddy was sick.  You did such a great job.

Liam:  CHOMP!  I ate your glasses.

On an errand running trip with just the two us.

Me:  Liam, let's get these blueberry plants because it's cheaper.

Liam:  CHEAP!  CHEAP!  CHEAP! (throughout the whole store)

At supper just last night, he was sitting beside me as we ate and he looked up at me, in all seriousness, but with no amount of panic on his face and stated:
"Mommy, a beast just bit me."

I looked over at him and then down and in my most calm voice stated, "No Liam, you don't have your fork on your plate it's in your lap and you stabbed yourself with it.  Put it where it belongs and eat."

Never thought I'd say that before.

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