Busy Day-Bryant Update

It's been a busy day and I'm just now getting to update. 

I had my 28 week appointment.  Now, if you've followed the past two blogging pregnancies, then you know that means two things. 

Glucose tolerance test. 

Rhogam shot. 

The first is what all us incubating mamas have to go through.  Since I "flunked" the one hour test with Ceili Rain, there's a pretty good chance I'll not pass this time.  At least that's how I think.  I talked to Dr. J about what to do if I fail.  He went over the rules and regulations I'll need to follow to monitor my glucose level so I won't have to go in for the three hour.  I'm not kidding when I say I almost passed out from the fasting part of the test.  Mark can attest to that.  He met me at the door after it and I believe I must have looked pretty white because he sent me to lay down pretty quickly.

Next, up was the rhogam shot for all us mamas who have a negative blood type.  Since Mark is a positive blood type, if my blood mixes with a positive baby, it could mean some serious problems with the baby.  God has blessed us, so far, that the shot has been effective in keeping me from becoming "sensitized" to my baby's positive blood (and so far, all our kids are positives)...which would not mean a problem for the current baby but future babies.  The rhogam shot is what helps, should the baby's blood, during pregnancy or birth, become mixed with my blood.  So, at 28 weeks and then after a delivery (or a miscarriage), I have to get "the shot." 

Now, if I could get a penny for every time a nurse or administration person looked at me and commented sweetly, "Ohhh, is this your first."  I'd have been able to pay for supper in pennies.  (not really...but it seems like it).  And if I could have had a video camera, when I sweetly replied, "No, this is my sixth."  Just to capture their faces...that would have been priceless.

Aside from that...Dr. J still ranks high on the coolness factor because I don't have to go in for another six weeks!  I think he must read my blog and know of the adoration our family heaps on him!  But seriously, it's not just that but that we know what to look for, we've "been there/done that."  And this pregnancy (aside from the first trimester) has been "uneventful."  It's nice that he's not treating my pregnancy like a "medical disorder" and trusting us and my body to do what it's got to do.  So, at my next appointment, I'll only have a little ways to go...and that's when I'll inform him of the no "i" word approach!  We'll see how he handles that one!

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