Meet Bruiser

She has a mysterious red mark on her chin and this evening, with both parents in the room, she fell and busted her cheek and got a scratch on her eye. Then, she was playing with a ball during family worship and dove, face first, into the floor...not sure what caused that but she wasn't happy afterwards. It looks like we've been slinging her around by her face.  See???

I think I may need to buy her full body armor before she starts walking.  Or at least a helmet.


She's now talking...her first word is "Uh oh."  I think that's appropriate given she's not the most graceful on all fours (or twos with support of a steady object).  And I'm not kidding about that being her first word.  She makes "mama" and "dada" sounds but not to call Mama or Dada.


She loves to demonstrate her new word in some delightful situations.   Here are just two:

The other night, she was having a tough time going to sleep.  As we were getting ready for bed, I heard her fussing and went into her room.  She was standing up in her crib saying, "Uh oh, uh oh." over and over again.  I picked her up and realized she didn't have her paci in her mouth or hand.  She started reaching for the floor looking down saying, "Uh oh."

She also laughed when I handed the paci and Raffe the Giraffe to her! 


I got her up from her nap the other day and discovered that she had managed to pull up her long skirt and pull off her diaper which was not protected by a bloomer (lesson learned).  I asked her where her diaper was and she said, "Uh oh" and started reaching for the playpen.


And just this week, she's learned a new word, "Hello."  (Nope, still no mama or dada...there are more important things to talk about).  She opens and closes her hand and says something pretty close to "lolo."  She also grabbed my cell phone and did the same thing!  

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