If You Give a Mom a Sewing Machine...

she's going to go shopping with a friend and purchase some fabric.

Her friend will look at the fabric and they will decide to make matching skirts for their daughters for pictures...

If the skirts are a little too short for their long legged daughters, the daughters will request a ruffle to go on the bottom of the skirts.

If the other daughters are too tiny to care about modesty, they'll need pants instead of skirts to match their big sisters.

Then the moms will realize that there is plenty of extra fabric to...
make a pillowcase top out of.

While sewing the ruffles on the bottom of the skirts for the long-legged daughters, one of the moms decides the older girls (with hair) will need matching headbands out of the leftover fabric.

And then the moms, who have sewing machines, will wonder, breathlessly, why they didn't just purchase matching outfits at a store...

Oh yeah, this is why! 

(It's safe to say that we used just about every inch of the fabric we purchased and probably spent about $15 per child on the outfits, if not less.)

Like that last picture???  Stay tuned this week for some more from our "joint" photo shoot with Kimberly S. Busby Photography!  You don't want to miss more pics of my precious children and some stranger's kids, right???

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