For Aunt Yaya

On Friday, I wanted to get out of the house, so right after lunch I decided we would venture purchase groceries and new carseats for Josiah and Liam. Their current car seats expire this year, and so before Ceili Rain came, we decided to purchase them.

I was trying to get the kids to rush through lunch so we could go and here is the conversation that ensued.

Me: Hurry up and eat so we can get your new car seat Liam. Are you excited about a new car seat?

Liam: Yes sir. (Okay, I'm working on ma'am still but at least he's using some kind of form of respect.)

Zoe (very enthusiastically): Oh Liam you're going to get a new car seat and it's going to have cupholders! Aren't you excited??

Okay, so the story is Aunt Yaya loves to have cupholders in the car. When she purchased her minivan, the first thing she told me was that it had eleven cupholders.

So there, Aunt Yaya...Zoe (and the rest of the crew) are falling into your footsteps and love for cupholders!!


  1. ummmm...I didn't know car seats expire. What would make it expire?

  2. They expire just from years of use. The manufacturer puts a "stamp" on the bottom that will tell you when it expires (it's more like a raised area). But typically, it's five years and then you need to get a new one. Since they are plastic, just the normal wear and tear on being in the car with the heat and cold effects them as well. Hope this helps!! Josiah's car seat was Ace's first. Liam's was a hand me down from a friend and Mark looked on it to see when it expired.

  3. Oh, ok. Thanks for the info. You learn something new everyday. I'll have to check Ryland's out. :o)

    Have a good day!!!