Ceili Rain Update

I went for a check up today. I'm 36 1/2 weeks. I have a friend, who is using Dr. J as well and she is due just a couple weeks after me. Our plan is to be induced on the same day, after my due date. She's having a girl as well.

However, Josiah, for those that don't remember, was 9 lbs 6 oz. And I expressed a strong desire to try to avoid delivering a baby bigger than that. Dr. J agreed and so, I go back a week from Monday for an ultrasound to see about how big she is and if I'm progressing and such. Then we'll decide from there.

I have a real strong desire to go into labor on my own, but am trusting God and praying for wisdom as we get closer to having her. And yes, for those that are wondering, as long as everything looks good, I will not have an epidural again. Cheaper, quickest recovery, and overall just easier...

Oh, and she's head down, which has been a concern of mine for a few weeks since I keep feeling her rear/back poke me...but Dr. J showed me how to make sure she's head down.

I'll work on a post in the next few weeks to update everyone on our adoption. It's hard for me right now to split my brain between the birth and adoption, but I'm working on it.

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  1. More power to ya girl!! In my opinion..epidural..BEST money EVER spent!! I don't do pain well!!! I've been lucky 3 times to have not had any problem with it not working...I always just bottom out on my blood pressure & my heart goes crazy!!! I'm sure your newest addition will be just as cute as her sister & brothers!! You do have some cutie pies!!!!!