Are You Ready???

This was the question most asked at church today...or rather, "I bet your ready to get her out of there, etc."

Yeah, I guess I am really uncomfortable and it would be nice to meet her. But, this time I don't have that sense of urgency yet. By now, with all the others I'm sitting on the edge of my seat with everything ready and waiting...bags packed and everything.

For some reason, this time is different. I guess watching a friend suffer through a miscarriage and other friends have babies go on to heaven...this past year has made me grow up a lot in my patience with my babies.

I can say that right now, I truly am uncomfortable and not sleeping and it's hard to walk (I mean waddle). That's all true. But this time, this pregnancy, I just have a strong desire to just wait until God is ready for her to be born. I'm taking each day as much in stride as possible (even if it means dissolving in tears when Mark calls or collapsing in bed when he comes home).

So, am I ready? I guess so...if she is! But I still haven't got my bags packed.

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