Consignment Time

I did not participate...that is to say, I did not consign, any clothes in our Fall consignment because I couldn't really move far from the couch (being that I was still in my first trimester). But, I am consigning this time. And it means it's time to pull the clothes down from the attic and make a magical guess as to what size the youngers are going to be and to drive Zoe crazy with trying on everything she wore last year to see if it still fits and guess her size.

Now, I bag the clothes. It's easy and has worked for us. But I forget that EVERY SINGLE TIME we get the bags out of the attic the boys (and Zoe sometimes) think that they are exclusively for their entertainment purposes and proceed to move them around and jump on them. Aggghhhh!

So this morning has commenced the:

"Do not jump on those!"

"Those are not toys!"

"Stop climbing on the bags...those are CLOTHES!"

Okay, I can get through this week and should be done tagging by this weekend. I hope.

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  1. when is that sale?????? What would I need to do to put clothes in it??
    facebook me with details if ya don't mind!!! thanks!