Our Annual Raking Leaves

Taking advantage of the beautiful spring like weather this weekend, we embarked on our annual leaf raking adventure. The kids all had to help but we only had two rakes, so Mark pulled out a broom for Liam...he swept our yard! Anyway, after some raking, I suggested Mark call a friend and ask to borrow their leaf blower. He called. And within about 20 minutes, he was able to get the leaves up to rake in to large piles. Unfortunately, his transportation method broke and there are three piles of leaves in the yard that still need to be moved...but at least they're (mostly) out of the yard.

Josiah got to sweep the yard some.

But then decided his "bu bu" was a better read.

Taking a break from raking to have a little sword fight.

Taking a break from raking to have a leaf fight (there were a lot of breaks).

Ahh, now the work begins.

"Fighting" the leaves from the leaf blower.

Liam has a "sword."

Sweeping the leaves some more.

And finally, enjoying hard work by jumping in the pile!

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