Look at my Shiner

As we left church so cheerily on Sunday night, Zoe was swinging her bag (because she was mad that she wasn't getting her way) and Liam was walking behind her. Consequently, Zoe walloped Liam with her bag, smacking him right in the eye. I took him inside to see if she had actually hit the inside of his eye. I noticed a little blood in the tears so I started to go back to get a paper towel and ran smack into our pediatrician, Dr. B. I love Providence and Dr. B! She looked at it but didn't think it had actually hit the eyeball, just around it. His eye was nice and swollen before I even finished talking to her, so I headed back to get a little ice. I thought I'd share (for the grandparents) a picture of Liam's first nice black eye.

Update: I wrote this post on Sunday night thinking that his eye would turn black...but it didn't (hooray). Instead, Josiah decided to take a nose dive (or rather lip dive) down some concrete steps at a Valentine's day party at a friend's house. I haven't got a picture of his fat upper lip, but will get it tomorow and post it...it's a beauty!!

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