When Potty Training a Boy, Don't Forget

One of the things I just didn't think about when potty training Liam was to explain how boys need to sit on the potty when doing #2 even if they have to do #1. I've suspected that he has been standing first to do #1 and then sits down to go #2, however, I never really went in to watch, and he would have just argued with me that he was doing it right in the first place.

Anyway, so last week, he hollers from the bathroom that he needs help. I go in and see that there is #2 on the floor and on his hands and his legs and his pants. Yep, he had ran to the bathroom to do #1 and couldn't hold #2 until he was done. Did I mention he also missed with #1 and it was all over the floor (near the toilet of course...because he probably turned around to see what was going on on the other side).

Needless to say, Mark did some tutoring when he got home.

Oh, and at Liam's 3 year well check on Friday he had to tell Dr. B all about what had happened and that big boys sit down to go poopy!

I'm so proud (sniff, sniff).

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