Well Check Time

I was able to convince Dr. B and her staff to allow me to bring three kids in for their well-checks instead of the standard two. Zoe's was for six years, Liam for three, and Josiah for his 18 month. This all went down on Friday at 8:30 in the morning...oh yeah, I got the kids up and ready by then...no matter they had a nutritious breakfast of pop tarts on the way there.

It went over okay, besides that Ace had to act out because he wasn't getting any attention. Problem solved when I didn't allow him to have the "reward" of a lollipop or sticker...and no I didn't give in to the screams and utter embarrassment he caused in front of the staff or our doctor, who happens to go to church with us.

So here's their stats:

This'll probably be the last time I post Zoe's stats as she's a girl and probably would get embarrassed at some point that I put her weight online. Oh, a funny was that Dr. B asked Zoe if she knew all her letters and was learning her letter sounds. She just politely said, "yes ma'am." and nothing more. I nicely slipped in that she was reading on a 3rd grade level and Dr. B was happy with that. I wonder if she thinks I'm exaggerating, but Zoe was leaning over her reading all her paperwork that she was writing on, so maybe not.

Anyway here go the stats now:

wt: 75%; ht: 93%; BMI: 40% So, she's a little underweight...go figure...look at her percentage on height!

wt: 50% (that's stayed the same percentage from last year); Ht: 40%; BMI: 60% (not sure how that came out...if you've seen Liam in person you would see he's the skinniest of all our kids and he's a decent height. I wonder if he fidgeted when she checked his height.)

wt: 74%; ht: 90% (I got some tall kids I guess)--He came out just fine on the ear check. She felt his spech was good. He can say about 20 to 25 words or so...that I can understand. He still won't drink cow's milk and barely drink's soymilk but Dr. B said to make sure and buy the calcium fortified juice for his morning drink (my kids only drink juice and other "flavored" drinks at breakfast and on special occasions).

That's it. Zoe was such a big help and went with Liam for the weight/height and blood pressure checks as well as his eye checks and when he got to pick out a toy.

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