9 Weeks and Counting!

Today is 9 weeks until my due date. Not to say that Ceili Rain won't come after my due date but it's close enough. I'm getting excited and anxious to try and get some things done.

I feel so blessed and more in love with this little girl every day. Right now she is punching and kicking me trying to get comfortable and I absolutely love it. This has truly been an enjoyable pregnancy. I'm getting so excited as each week passes knowing that we'll get to meet this little one soon!

I'm pretty certain that she is now head down as I feel like there is more lower down and my shirts are barely covering my lower belly (despite buying larger shirts than what I normally wear). I also have noticed that I can't walk a ton so shopping trips are getting a little more strenuous.

All part of it and I'm truly grateful for each moment!

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