Daddy's Day Out

Last Saturday, we realized would be the last warm weather day for the week, so Mark took Zoe and Ace with him to a local area/walking trail to ride scooters and bikes. However, when they got there, Zoe had a hard time with the scooter and loose rock and Ace's bike tires were completely flat. So, they just walked around and looked at some cool things! I think they both enjoyed that time with Dad, especially when he stopped and got ice cream on the way home.

A small waterfall near the dam.

This is just a beautiful area. Mark and I biked this trial back in May and it was just as pretty then.

Our two adventurers!

Ace spotted this in the water...alligator???

Look closer and you'll see that it's a...

...branch sticking up out of the water...pretty neat optical illusion provided by God! It even has an eye!

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