Welcome Winter with a Cold!

We've had our first visit to the doctor, unscheduled in over 9 months yesterday. Josiah is sick with a double ear infection. He's had a bad runny nose for a few days and it just escalated in to crying fits on Sunday night until about midnight on Monday morning. This also included a nice fever. Mama's instinct (God-given, of course...and yes, I do believe God gives mama's insight into their kids) kicked in and we headed to the doctor in the morning. He's on a mild antibiotic for 10 days and if that doesn't help, we'll swap to something stronger. So far, I can't see any difference. He's still acting sickish and has a fever, but he did sleep good yesterday afternoon and last night. He is a pitiful sick little boy...and this is the first time he's really gotten bad sick...except for a sinus infection or two.

Off to work on lesson plans...I think!

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