Happy Birthday Liam!

Liam actually celebrated his birthday nine days earlier than the actual day...so I'll post birthday pics later. He had a fireman's party at our fire station headquarters. These guys were great and so friendly with the kids (and the men who asked all sorts of questions and drooled over their equipment!). Lots of pics so little typing here!

They gave us hats, badges, and coloring books for all the kids...didn't know this in advance so I have a dozen fireman hats that I ordered...anybody need them??

The birthday boy, Fireman Liam!

Playing hot potato!

The fireman came in and gave a fire talk to the kids...a very little fire safety stuff.

And just to add a thrill, we allowed the fireman to scare the kids to death by dressing in their fireman garb!

Watching the fireman dress up...getting a little apprehensive.

Wide-eyed at the fireman equipment!

All ready to fight a fire (and freak out the kids)...actually they (being the fireman researchers, etc) just realized that kids were hiding from them when they went in to get them causing many of them to be injured or worse...they were hiding because they were scared. So, this was a good thing, the kids have seen a fireman dressed up now and know what to look for. They also let his equipment go off so the kids could hear all the weird sounds it made.

Trying to coax the kids to come up to CJ, the fireman dressed up. That was a hard one for Liam and he wouldn't actually do it. He loosened up as we went on a tour of the station and watched them slide down the pole!

And played in the firetrucks...until Liam turned on a flashlight and made the air compressor somehow go off!

Liam was thrilled with the gifts and loved his cake (which I didn't include in here for some reason). He was showing his cake to K, a friend, and said, "'Dis is my birfday, TA DA!"

So, the firemen told us this was our station (paid for by us) and that anytime we wanted to bring the kids by for a tour to feel free to do so. I'm not sure, but I believe all stations are like this. These guys work so hard, do so much, for so little reward, or pay. We were all very grateful for them, especially since they let Liam invade the station with a few friends!

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