Adoption Update

We are in the final process with our home study. Because we decided to change agencies, our new agency is requesting the home study be approved through them, so that they have the proper information from the country we're adopting from.

So, today we sent off our placement agency application. Once approved, they'll send our home study agency the information they need included in the home study as well as sending us training videos to watch. And, if we are approved, we'll make the announcement as to the country we are adopting from, how we came to that decision, etc. We'll also be posting how much money we'll need God to provide to complete this adoption (and see if Mark can do a cute little graphic on the side so we can show how our God is Jehovah Jireh)...please continue to pray for us as we pursue this adoption...I'm getting excited as we continue to work on this and prepare to bring our child home to our crazy house.

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