Kid Cuteness Time...Family Worship

*During family worship[ a couple of nights ago as we were singing, I kept hearing Liam saying something like, "You be quiet, quite singing...shhh. Stop it." He was sitting beside me on the floor looking straight out and pointing his finger saying this. When we finished singing, we asked him what he was doing.

"Mommy, your foot was singing and it needed to be quiet!" He was fine once I explained that I was tapping to the music.

*For Ace's birthday, he received a Narnia sword that makes noise when you swish it, etc. As you can imagine, Liam absolutely loves it as well as Ace. There's been some coveting issues, of course. Liam's asked several times for a Prince Caspian sword like Ace's (he has King Peter's sword). I told him maybe for his birthday. We had already purchased Liam's presents when I realized that we hadn't gotten him the sword he's asked for. Ge to the rescue!! It's been hunted down and purchased and waiting gift wrap and Liam's birthday party. With no mention made to Liam, every once and a while during prayer time, he will pray for his sword in detail. "Tank you God for my Narnia sword for my birthday that has buttons and makes noise when you swish it..."

*Tonight Zoe's prayer time included this, "Thank you for Christmas, God. Help us to remember it's not about the toys but it's about you." From the mouth of babes!

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