Bless your heart...

I forgot to add a story about my outing on Friday. I'll do that but first, I must say that was Mark that hijacked the blog and put Roll Tide...I'll second it though! Also, Liam is now running a fever and acting generally sick.

Now to my story...

As I stood in line at Wal-Mart (which wasn't too long) the conversation generally returned to how many children I had and how old they were. This was with the ladies behind me. So I told them and continued to get my stuff on the belt to check out. One of the ladies got a pretty sad/disgusted look on her face.

"Ah, well, bless your heart."

I looked her dead in the eye and smiled and said, "Well, yes, it has been blessed."

Her sad looked turned a little more disgusted and I got flustered, as usual, but checked out and left.

While I was walking in the parking lot, I realized, I did't have my wedding band on nor was it on the necklace (since they don't fit on my hands now). I had completely forgot to put it on at 5:00 that morning! I was horrified and rather embarrassed and almost ran back in to the store just to make a comment about my husband!!!

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  1. how annoying that you get all the judgemental comments and "looks"! People can be so rude. I'm glad you were able to give them a smile and happy comment. I think your confidence speaks for itself.

    Hugs, Emily