First Words...for the Granparents

So, in the past 18 months, Josiah's words have accumulated into "ba" for ball, brother, bye. belly and bath. No mamas, no dadas. Just "ba" and a few others.

Over the past few weeks he's added more words and today he melted Mark's heart. I was talking to Mark and holding Josiah and I asked Josiah if he wanted to talk to daddy.

"Daaad-da" he said and grinned wide. Mark got to hear him too!

Here are a few other recent ones. Sorry, no video...but we did finish most of school today, so there's a plus!

"Go Coug!" for "Go Cougars!" That's actually on video and he says it anytime he sees football or some other sport on tv. The Cougars are my dad's team that he coaches for.
"Aaace" for "Ace" He started saying this word just over the past couple of days. When I can get him to say it, he takes off in search of Ace and then tries to tackle him.
"Teee" for "tree"

That's all I can think of now. He's getting to be so cute and full of fun. Still loveable too.

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