The Van Update

I know everyone is sitting on pins and needles to know exactly what we're going to do with our transportation.

I have to just say it's really neat how people are coming up with all kinds of solutions. Mark and I knew we wouldn't have an average 4 member size family since before we got married. That was whether God blessed us with our own children or through adoption. We knew it wasn't going to be average because let's face it...we're kind of unaverage (I don't think that's a word) too. Anyway, so when we got our mini van (which is really a wagon...Mazda MPV) we knew that we would have to upgrade to a 12 passenger in about five to ten years. Five years it is!!

We were able to go and actually look at the 12 passenger vans at a place in Atlanta this weekend. They had some that were actually not white. I, initially, was all for getting an older model at a cheaper price, but then I realized what that would mean. The one older model we looked at looked like it had been through the wringer. So we looked at a little newer model...2005...and we found two we liked.

Am I overly thrilled about getting a 12 passenger? I have to just say it's not my dream car but more like what our family needs.

Am I scared about driving a big van? A little, but mainly I know I can do it since I have before (Defensive driving course when I was working as a service coordinator). I'll have some practice parking and driving sessions before hitting the road.

So where do we stand? (Don't you just love me asking questions at the beginning of my paragraphs?) We're working on seeing if we can get the "sweet" deal interest rate this week. If that works out and we get all our paperwork worked out, we should get it this week or the first of next week, I think. We'll see. The good deal on interest rates will be done at the end of October. If it's God's will for us to get it now. We will. If not, we'll wait until closer to our new little one getting here.

I've done my part...the research and picking and finding and inspecting the "look" of the vans. Mark's done some of his and is working on the rest this week (the logistics/paperwork/negotiating).

Right now, we're praying for clear direction on what to do and which way to go.

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