What's UP!!

Let's see despite Josiah's fever, we loaded everyone up and went to visit my parents and watch a great football game this weekend. We also made a pit stop to test drive some vans and I'll write more about that later.

My dad's team won their sixth straight win. They were up against a team and a bunch of refs who didn't know how to follow the game. Dad said it just moved too fast for them. I think they just didn't really care. They called a face mask on an obvious tackle. A personal foul on dad's team when one of his lineman pushed the opposing player off our receiver who he was trying to beat into the ground. Anyway, they won 44-9. That is the second most amount of points any team has scored on them this season. The most being 10. They are doing awesome! This week should prove challenging, however, so we'll see!!

Josiah ran a fever all weekend. It would go up to 100 then come back down. Sometimes we helped it down but mostly it came down on its' own. He was pitiful when it went up. We believe now that it may be from teething as he's cutting his last two eye teeth and he would start drooling when it would go up. He's been fever free for two days now...I haven't dared stick my finger in to see if those two teeth come in. He'll chomp down for sure!

Okay, enough about football. On to the rest of the weekend. My mom and I were able to venture out and get Zoe a couple girly books to go with the ones that our sweet friend Holly from church gave us for her (she has all boys, so we got some mystery books). I also was able to visit with a dear friend from high school. They traveled up to visit with us at my parents' house. It was a great visit and I got to love on her little four month old. Lots of fun!

So, that's what's up with us...I will post pictures...I will post pictures...I will post pictures...but when???

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