Here come the pics...Food and Fun!

So, we made pumpkin cupcakes this week. I have an old recipe (that isn't healthy but is good) for pumpkin spice bars. I've used the same recipe and made pumpkin bread. It's awesome! So moist and delicious. This year, I decided to try pumpkin cupcakes. I found the yummy (I know not everyone likes them) candy pumpkins to decorate with some orange, black, yellow, sprinkles. I also made homemade cream cheese icing. Can you say yum yum???!!

Here's my little chefs in action.

In years past, we've used those 97 cent pumpkin trick or treat buckets from Wal-Mart. This year, I talked to Mark and we realized that five of those things floating around was going to be too much. I had the idea of getting tote bags and using an iron on and then allowing them to color them with markers. My publishing program allows me to remove color on some graphics, so I did that to three different designs. Now, all my markers are washable markers and before doing this, I tested them by writing on the inside bag and then washing it. The markers came out. The only problem is the slickness from the iron on is not really allowing the markers to dry. We'll see. As you can tell from the pictures, we did this last week on pj day.


  1. Abbie,
    check out our blog. We have halloween bags on there that we embroidered.
    I used to have fabric markers but I think they all dried out. Or what about sharpies? Would that work? I have a huge set of colors of those.

  2. I saw your bags but opted for a cheap way out. I also used the washable markers so we can wash them out and then they can re-decorate them next year. I don't think I could do that with sharpies or fabric markers.