What's Up with the Cat???

Champ, our youngest of two cats, has been acting really weird lately. Keep in mind that he's around 11 years old...no spring chicken, so he's set in his ways. Well, Saturday night, he came to our room about every two hours to meow. Not just once, but several times...enough to get me awake.

So Sunday night, not to be outdone by his antics the previous night, Champ decided to sleep right up against Mark and purr every time I moved. He hasn't slept with us in several years (at least since kids). And his purr sounds like a freight train (especially when it's right near your ear.

Then to top it off, last night, he decided that right smack on my head is the best place to sleep. I'm just not a cuddler, especially with a cat that has not really wanted to cuddle much at night in a loooong time. I also get hot really easily at night. This didn't bode well with me, and I tried to move him three times (he was also purring right on my head) before I gave up and flipped around. That worked fine until something woke me up and I panicked trying to figure out who moved the door and what happened to our bathroom. I was also incredibly hot because my feet were not next to the fan (yes, I know I'm weird, T can back me up though!). So, I answered the call of the bladder and returned to sit on the edge of the bed for a little while until I cooled off and decided the best option was to lay on the floor. As I got a pallet made on the floor, Champ decided it was time to get up and roam the house. I got to sleep in bed peacefully until Mark left for work and Champ decided that it was time to drive me crazy again.

I haven't had this little sleep since Zoe was a newborn and had colic! If I don't get sleep tonight, I may just go a little more crazy!!

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