Of Squirrels and Cheese

So we were out doing some much needed yard work on a lovely afternoon on Saturday. I walked around the side of the house fertilizing and fungiciding our one little rose bush when a putrid smell reached my nostrils. I almost threw up, and that's something I really haven't felt the need to do in a while. I casually informed my knight that there might be something dead around the side of the house. I actually wonder if he thought I had lost my mind, but he came traipsing over with shovel in hand. He scraped the leaves from the rose bush and walked around the house and low and behold, a squirrel had found it's resting place right up against the side of our new addition. Mark gave it a proper burial (while I suggested a grocery sack and the trash can...just call me Sensitive).


And on a different note, Liam is in a new Awana thing for 2 year olds now. It's called Puggles, and I along with several other people think they have some pretty sharp looking t-shirts. Anyway, he's always so cute when he comes out telling us all sorts of things. Basically, they are learning about the six days of creation. He's been coming out reviewing the things he's heard us talk about in school with Ace. I've been sharing his cutenes with his leaders but have guessed that they've gotten tired of hearing about it, so I'll just post it here.

So tonight, I got home from dropping off Zoe's friend and I cuddled up to Liam and asked him what he learned in Puggles tonight. He kept saying Puggles over and over again.

Finally, I asked him what they talked about that God had made.

"Ummm, cheese."

So there you have the profound theological truth. God made cheese!

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