Good Deals!

Yesterday evening, I was able to go to the big consignment sale pre-sale with a friend. Normally, you can't go unless you've volunteered, but a volunteer can bring a friend and just pay $10. To me, it's worth it not to have to get up early and hope I get some of the things I need. So here's the deals, and completely worth the extra $10...

**Playpen-Graco basic playpen for $12! It looks great. The mat doesn't even look stained. I'm keeping it downstairs and it will probably travel with us. We have an arm's reach co-sleeper that I use for the newborn in our room, so this is great having one we can keep in the playroom. Josiah has enjoyed staying in one while we do some of's kind of his away time from everyone else.
**Red Ruby slippers for $5 that match Zoe's Dorothy dress that I got a much smaller sale last week (the dress was $10 and is going for $30 on ebay).
**$1 sweaters/shirts for me...some cute maternity clothes
**A ton of $1 nice condition shirts for Ace and all of his pjs for $2 or less.
**Anne of Greene Gables, animated, on dvd for $4 (two separate videos)
**Windsuit for Ace from Children's Place for $3! I kept checking it to see what was wrong with it. It's very cute red, white, and blue.

Now the not so good deals...people had marked their completely used and stained blue jeans for boys for $6 and up. I even found a pair for $11! I also found a very cute but worn dress for Zoe to wear around the house and get dirty was $8! I'm so cheap, but I can't see paying that much for clothes, no matter who "made" them, when I can run to Wal-Mart and get pretty much the same thing in better condition!

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