Gardening for Dummies...that's us!

Mark and I have now admitted, we are Landscaping/Gardening Dummies. Hence the reason we live in a city...and also the reason our yard looks like my dad's head (sorry daddy).

However, this weekend there is a nice big sale at a local wholesale nursery. And this year, I have a neighbor who is a landscaping pro! So S came over with his family yesterday and looked at our yard (like he doesn't see it everyday driving and walking the neighborhood, bless his heart) and came up with a few plant ideas that I possibly couldn't kill and wouldn't look like they were thrown there.

Mark's doing church stuff this weekend, so I was going to brave the sale alone trudging to and fro with 3 gallon plants and a double stroller and a 4 and 5 year old who would rather run around the plants since all of them are outside. Yea, that would be fun. My sweet husband came to the rescue and nicely asked S if he could get our plants (I told him to even offer to help with gas money) and he's agreed.

I'm still going if something happens with S's plans. My yard is begging me to.

Right now my goal is to get our big front bed done and have it tie into the addition so the addition doesn't really look like an addition. Make sense??? Yea, not to me either but I have a rough drawing and orders on where to plant/transplant.

So, Mark and I were talking about it last night and discussed how much we don't know about gardening, basic plant care, and even lawn care (remember my dad's head...sorry again daddy). I told him that this was yet another sign we were not inclined to go "agrarian." Wish we could, but just not smart enough right now and definitely happy where God's planted us...I just hope that "His stuff" grows!

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