Good Recommendation...Bad Review

Got our stuff at the landscape place today and hope to have it in the ground next week. Definitely count on "after" pictures but I'm infamous for forgetting "before" ones.

Mark and I just got back from a date to see the new movie Fireproof. This was a great movie! The best role Kirk Cameron has played in a long time (except for his father role and his work with The Way of the Master...but those aren't acting roles). Anyways, it was really, really good and the best movie from the Kendrick brothers. Very well done. Very well acted (especially since the overwhelming majority of the actors were volunteers). I didn't notice the "cheese" that can go along with Christian films which was wonderful. So if you can go, go. Mark and I really thought we were going to have to wait to see it next weekend. We had plans with some friends but last minute a child got sick on Thursday. While she was better today, we didn't want to risk any of ours (or me, which is always the case with the stomach bug) to get sick. So, a friend watched our kids and we'll watch hers tomorrow when she goes to see the movie with her husband. Fair trade...'cept I have twice as many kids as she does!

Anyway, after the movie, we headed to get something to eat and went to the closest Subway since that isn't really a "kid" place to eat (meaning my kids wouldn't enjoy it but Mark and I do). The employee preparing the sandwiches was unbelievably rude. The couple in front of us scooted down to the middle of the display case and the employee all but yelled at them to move back and told us not to move. When she finished with the customers ahead of the couple in front of us, she came back to them and continued to berate them about moving ahead. She told them that they needed to stay at the front of the case so she could prepare their sandwiches as they placed the order. I asked Mark if he thought maybe her neck and body were messed up so she couldn't turn the less than 45 degrees needed to talk to the customers. She continued that the only reason to move down the line was if (and only if) they were ordering a cookie. At that point, I looked at Mark and told him that I didn't want to pay to be yelled at. I'd only do that at one place...The Varsity, in Atlanta, because their chili cheese dogs and orange drinks are sooo worth it! He agreed and we left and ate a nice Southwestern style restaurant across the street (which was understaffed and a little behind but good and they were decent). So there's a bad review for now. If you live near me, email me and I'll tell you which Subway it was. Not all of them are bad, I know. I've eaten at some really nice ones, but this one...the employee was so rude. That's hard to take and I didn't feel like being rude since we'd just come from a Christian movie and all (I'm trying, just keep praying for me ya'll!).

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