Peck a Dee and For Gether

While walking around the neighborhood yesterday (yes, I've actually walked twice this week), Ace noticed a bird and said, "I think it's a Peck-a-dee bird."

He was pretty sure of himself. I told him I'd never heard of one of those.

He replied, "You know, it bangs it's self up against a tree."

"Oh," I said. "I've heard of a woodpecker that does that."

"Yes ma'am. A woodpecker Peck-a-dee," he replied in a matter of fact manner.

We sent Liam and Ace to potty before supper one night this week and were surprised to hear the toilet flush one time and both boys came running back to the table.

"Liam (since he's usually the one who won't go), did you go potty."

"Yes ma'am."

"Did you flush?"

"Yes ma'am."

"But you both came back to the table at the same time."

"Yes, we went 'for'gether." Liam told me.

Just picture this: Both boys will go potty at night before bath since there's just something about getting nekkid and realizing you have to go potty (at least for them and confirmed by Mark), so they stand on either side of the potty and go. I know that's really probably redneck but it saves the trouble of one doing a "holdin' it" potty dance or running to our bathroom to go. So now, that's the thing for Liam. Especially if Ace is in the bathroom at the same time. He announces that they need to go "for" gether. Ace sweetly corrects him that it's together. Ace also is not very good at watching what he's doing...hmmm. I'm hoping this will encourage Liam on our adventures to get him completely potty trained!

I've mentioned to Mark, more than once, that I wished the boys' bathroom was a little bigger so we could install a urinal. Oh well...just dreaming!

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