The Name Game

Well, we're heading into 14 weeks of pregnancy #5 and here's a little game for everyone.

First of all, yes, we'll find out what we're having. I feel like Zoe deserves to be prepared if she's going to have another brother! Not that she'll love him any less.

Secondly, before any of our pregnancies (usually a few months before we get pregnant) we usually have a general idea of names. Even if we don't have the names solid, they're pretty much set into the first few weeks after we find out we're pregnant.

With this pregnancy, the idea of picking out a boys' name has never occurred to us. We thought there would be a break between #4 and our adopted daughter. God had some wonderful other plans, so now we sit, without a boys' name.

Really, we have a name picked out, but I'm not sharing until u/s day (ultrasound day). I'm also open to ideas if I hear a name I like. I thought I would challenge all my faithful readers and those who just popped in.

I am speaking of boys' names, because, let's face it, Mark and I have been waiting on another girl and have had that name picked out since I was pregnant with Ace. And the odds of us having a girl are pretty slim...just look at the pictures from his side of the family.

Here's the Name Game rules:

  1. No normal everyday run of the mill names. If it's in the top 100 in the past few years then it's out (okay, Zoe's name was an exception but we had already chosen it before we found the name lists and it was waaaay at the bottom when we looked). So take out John, Robert, definitely William (since my cousins, all on the same side, think they should all have children named William...I digress).
  2. Points for choosing a name from history (that's unusual) and/or a literary author name (but has no history of immoral behavior).
  3. It has to mean something good. We don't want a "tree" for a child nor do we want a "cart driver" or a "brook." Also all the Mac/Mc names are out since they mean "son of." Unless you want to name him McMark (hmmm). Here's another example: Blaine, which I happen to like, means "tall and slender." What if we have a short and fat kid? What a complex! Double check the meanings, I just didn't associate that Liam's name was the equivalent of "strong willed defender." See what I got myself into! Another example: Zoe's name means "life." Ace's name means "unity." Josiah's name means "fire from God." Pretty cool names to live up to!
  4. It doesn't have to be a Biblical name uncommon ones are welcome (meaning, no Hosea's or Hananiah...although I like both, they just don't flow for me).
  5. It has to go with his middle name that we've definitely settled on. It's Ian and it means "God's gracious gift." Now, I know that Ian is a really cool first name, however, a friend from church (and I think a blog reader) has a child named Josiah and one named Ian and I don't want her to think we're copying her. Plus, I want an uncommon cool first name.
There ya go. Leave a comment for a name suggestion. If we like it better than the two we're looking at, we may use it. I'm curious to see what name other people think would fit into our little brood!


  1. Okay, I'm so not good at this, but you know I can't resist sharing my opinion and I'm so excited for ya'll about this baby so I'll share!
    Ramiah Ian Character- Yahweh is high and He graciously gave us the gift of this son!

  2. Cool. How do you pronounce that? Also, just to clarify we don't know what we're having yet. We'll have the ultrasound around 20 weeks.

  3. Be careful Aunt Abbie - " We don't want a "tree" for a child".. don't forget your niece ("O")!

  4. I think Track or Trig works just fine. Or, if the baby is a girl, Willow or Bristol. (I can't recall the other's name right now.)

  5. B&B, yes, I forgot that O's name meant that...remember we were going to use it too, though. I wasn't thinking of her when I wrote that, sorry.

    Vonda, "Track" hmmm, very creative. I should name him "Door" or "Wall." "Trig" makes me think of Trigonometry which I thoroughly enjoyed but wouldn't want my kid named after.The other girl's name is Piper which I love and have before I knew who Palin was...however, Mark doesn't like that name.

  6. Ok. Since I am the one whose names you are using:) I thought I'd enter this contest too. AND, just so we aren't mistaken, I think the names Ian and Josiah are very cool and you can use Ian if you want. Who am I to tell you what to name your baby?! Wait, I'm about to do that. Ok. So I have 2 names, both Irish/Celtic like Ian, but I'm not sure they will go with Ian. We'll see.
    Gannon--Fair skinned. I know. What happens if you give birth to a thundercloud?
    Gavin--little hawk
    Gabriel--champion of God, God is my strength
    Galen--calm tranquil. I did look this up and while used for a boy I also found where this is a derivitive of Abigail and means source of joy.
    Well, I told you I had 2 names and came up with 2 more:(

    If you want to use our other sons' name, his is Luke Cameron.
    Cameron Ian Character might sound nice.

  7. Ok. So I told Paul about the "name the baby" and he felt he needed to get in on this one too. is his suggestion:~
    Ezekiel. I didn't look up the meaning, but he always thought it was cool---then he would have nicknamed said child "Zeke". So, there you go, Paul's input.

  8. Chad and I are a big fan of Ezekiel and it means God will strengthen. Of course there is always Huckleberry :)